Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gettin' Bloggie With It....

OK Girls, time to rally.  I'm slowly getting the hang of this blog thing.  A good friend of mine suggested that I post a gameplan for one of my biggest goals this year.  Missoula Marathon, July 10th!  Time to rally the troops and get the word out.  Someone asked.....can I invite other friends too?  Absolutely.  We've got quite a crew committed to at least running the half marathon, and some ready for the full.
So, here's the gameplan.  Get in at least one road race per month starting next month with Partners in Pain.  One friend laughed out loud at the name of this one.....clearly, she said, a run perfect for her!  In March, St. Paddy's Five; in April, Race for the Cure (of course!); in May, Bloomsday, then Windermere Half Marathon, then Priest Lake Fun Run over Memorial Day; in June.....longer training runs planned out together....and then in July, we road trip to Missoula.  Not a runner?  That's OK, we aren't either!  Ha!  The point is, we're making some goals, putting them on the calendar, and we're going to go after them and do them.  Maybe we'll see you at Partners in Pain.....not ready to run?  Then find a partner and walk it.  Cool long sleeve t-shirts every year and it's freezing...but it's fun.  Go to for the running calendar put out by Bloomsday, or pick just google these events and start planning.  And, when the weather gets nicer, we'll do some runs together on Sundays. 
Here we come Missoula!

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  1. Sounds like fun!! Where do I sign up?

    BTW, LOVE your blog!!!! Your creativity and sweetness really come through in your writing!! Keep it up!!!