Friday, December 31, 2010

We're Doing 40 for 40

Greetings Blog World.  It's December 31st, 2010.  This Blog was born out of a desire to make 2011 a much happier year than 2010.  Probably the same concept that grew the blogs of others.  Not original, just a blog to help celebrate 40 years of life, by challenging ourselves to truly live it fully.  I say ourselves, because my goal is to challenge myself (and invite others) to do 40 things this year that scare me, inspire me, or simply make me excited to get up in the morning to face the day.  The fact that it's 12.31.10 and I'm actually figuring out how to write my first ever blogpost could be one of my 40 adventures in 2011.  You see, I seem to have a habit of conjuring up exciting ideas in my mind, but I lose motivation once I realize what is involved.  Does that sound familiar?  This blog is accountability online.  It's a way to share ideas and experiences that may motivate someone else to go after those things in their own lives that they always dreamed of doing......but just never went about doing them.  The adventures that I have in mind, well, some of them will require days of preparation and planning; others will be spur of the moment, "let's just get 'er done" mentality, and others........I haven't even thought of them yet.  We're going to go after 40 adventures in the year we turn 40.  Come along for the ride.  It may not inspire you at all, but hopefully it will be entertaining!


  1. I am with you my friend! I am thankful for your courage and strength in life! Thank you for the breathtaking vision of hope painting. It is etched in my mind and on my heart in very inspirational ways. You were there for me in 2010-a very painful year. Thank you for for reaching out your hand and helping me up. I want to Live On in 2011. 40440! Okay! Let's do it!

  2. Shannon,
    WOW! 40 big things in one year is very inspiring and a bit overwhelming. I am willing to join the challenge and make 2011 a better year for me, my family and people I encounter. You better believe I will be there in Missoula July 10th! Beers at the end?